of the Sün

Children of the Sün


Inspired by Janis Joplin, Rival Sons, and the free lovin’ spirit of 1969’s legendary Woodstock Festival, Children of the Sün embody both the carefree and reflective sides of classic rock music. The band released a self-titled EP in 2018 and later came under the wing of The Sign Records, joining acts such as Hällas, MaidaVale, Skraeckoedlan, and The Hawkins. In 2019 the band released their first full-length album Flowers which was received with great love from the audience and the vinyl sold out just a few months after the release.

Children of the Sün


Trippy, beautiful, and utterly magical

Since then the band have played on festivals and stages around Sweden including Arvika Hamnfest, Festival Of The Midnight Sun, Putte i Parken, The Sign fest and they made a great performance at Sweden Rock Festival in 2023. 

Their second album 'Roots' was released in 2022 via The Sign Records and their third album is coming out in 2024!

● Josefina Berglund Ekholm - Lead Vocals
● Ottilia Berglund Ekholm - Choir
● Wilma Ås - Choir, Keys
● Jacob Hellenrud - Guitar
● Ida Wahl - Bass
● Johan Lööf - Drums

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