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Bror Gunnar Jansson


Whether he’s all alone or together with a band, Swedish Bror Gunnar Jansson unleashes his unique blend of southern gothic, blues, stoner, folk, psych and more. You're able to hear his music in movies and tv series such as “The Last Days of American Crime”, “Happy!” and “Damnation”. He has sold over 25000 physical albums, 10 million streams and has performed on Swedish and French national TV shows such as “Album de la Semaine” and “På Spåret”.

Bror Gunnar Jansson


“Impressive, bewitching, disturbing. And fantastic.”

Bror Gunnar Jansson’s newest release is his heaviest but perhaps also his most hauntingly beautiful yet. The whole album is like a suite moving from emotional strings to heavy riffs and freak out moments.

With his latest album Faceless Evil, Nameless Fear (24 Sep 2021) he is spinning a tale of corrupt police officers, grim murders, weird deaths, diseases and even love! Jumping between our real world and his own dark universe. The music is less blues than his prior releases and more of post-grunge, stoner and post-blues in the style of White Stripes, Kyuss and Jimi Hendrix.

Reviews & awards


"A blues genius descending from the North" -Journal du Sud fribourgeois La Gruyère

"A band for the soundtrack of a film by Jim Jarmush or David Lynch" -Ouest France

“Bror Gunnar Jansson could be the evil twin of Johnny Cash.” 
- N-Joy, NDR

"... The singer stands out and offers a quasi deviant style, inspired by both Tom Waits, Nick Cave and US icons. He actually takes us into a strange tempest, an elsewhere that promises great surprises and especially an immense change of scenery. One-man-band, Bror Gunnar Jansson knows his limits and ignores them. Always in search of a form of transcendence, he invented his own Mississippi, his own poetry. It is this transcendence that makes the greatest force of this bluesman of another century. Constantly inspired by the throbbing rhythms of Afro-American music, it also draws on new seas and creates unlikely encounters. ..."
-Rolling Stone Magazine (France)

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