Bellaroush’s music ranges from emotive ballads to engaging, energy-laden uptempo hits, deeply rooted in reggae with an edge of electronica and hip-hop. The six-piece band features no less than four singers whose powerful harmonies deliver hard-hitting lyrics about strength, weakness, love and solidarity. 

Bellaroush has done over 200 concerts, including 4 continental tours and 2 tours in India. Their earlier single "Sun Goes Down" featured by rapper Promoe from Looptroop Rockers and has reached over 600 000 streams on Spotify. 

Four vocalists backed by electro loops, organs and sub-bases proves that it's possible to mix heavy backbeat, soft reggae, soul, rap and pop.

Moa Jonsson Länne, Magnus Hagström, Annelie Johansson, Elin Nyberg, Felix Björklund och Johan Karlberg



”They have an edgy fuck-of-attitude that together with melancholic, dreadlock- smelling undertones takes a hold of you.”
 – Gaffa

”This is a brilliant debut album, not only for us devoted to reggae”
– Lira

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